Ecological Engineering in the Tropics

Costa Rica – MSU / UCR – December 27, 2014 – January 10, 2015

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Thanks UGA!

We’ve just arrived at OTS La Selva after a great stay on UGA’s Monte Verde campus.  Blog posts were light lately as windy conditions interfered with internet service at both La Flor and Monte Verde. At Monte Verde, we visited a coffee plantation, family-sized coffee processing facility, two biodigesters, and the Monte Verde cloud forest reserve.  Check out the daily updates by Alexis and Erica for more details!


View from faculty housing at Monte Verde


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Happy New Years!

Thanks to our hosts from ICE for two great tours of hydroelectric facilities. We wrapped up the day by seeing a toucan and monkeys, followed by a barbecue at a Costa Rican home (thanks Eduardo!). Details and photos on Lisa’s daily update.

Today we took a small detour from our route for a waterfall swim. I’d like to thank the students for generously donating (15,000 colones) to a local school – they may have all just been getting rid of their change, but it adds up!

We’re spending the holiday at Earth La Flor, from which I am writing this post, with a day trip to the beach tomorrow. A perfect way to start a new year!

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Now in Tilaron

Ending two days of an already productive trip! Check out Aubrey’s and Dana’s daily updates for details and photos, but here are some highlights:

  • Sloths, lizards, and butterflies at InBio
  • Meeting up with the students and faculty from Costa Rica that will be joining us for the rest of our trip
  • Helping feed the digester and harvest wetland plants at Fabio
  • TV fame as the Michiganders who attended a Costa Rican bull fight